canning street residence, oakland


our clients approached us to renovate their single story, 2-bedroom/1-bathroom mediterranean-style bungalow with the goal of increasing its size and making it modern. aside from being too small at 900 square feet, the home had an awkward layout, small rooms, no dining room, and no interior access to the basement or direct access to the rear yard.

preserving only the street facing living room and front/side facades, everything else was demolished. a new rear addition extends further into the rear yard allowing for a larger kitchen, dining nook, den, and deck to open into it. a new bedroom/study, bath and staircase fill the remaining space. the staircase serves both the basement level and a new 2nd story addition containing the home's two main bedrooms and bathrooms.

because of the home's unusually narrow lot, the addition had to be set back from the existing front and side exterior walls to meet the city's setback requirements. creating a detached looking addition, we used as an opportunity to apply a modern aesthetic in contrast with the home's mediterranean character. the new and old achieve balance through a reinterpretation of some of the original characteristics, like asymmetry, scale, and through a thoughtful application of materials and details.

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